Presentation topic : Differences in the registration processes of a listed medicine versus a registered medicine

The group presentation task was a very beneficial exercise for me. I got opportunities to coordinate, steer and influence the group and contributed to the successful completion of the project.

I was able to work on getting the group members together on one platform. As soon as members were allocated for our group presentation, I took the initiative to get my group members’ contact information while giving them mine. I created and sent out a group email so we could all communicate with each other effectively. This was all done before the topic for presentation was assigned since I didn’t want to lose time on coordination activities once it was assigned and wanted to use as much time as possible on working on the presentation itself. I feel like I was successful in this endeavour.

I was prepared for the first group meeting. Having read through the relevant regulatory guidelines in advance gave me a good understanding of how to approach the assignment. During the meeting, I was able to contribute and help coordinate assignment of sections to group members. I tried my best to give everybody a chance to voice their opinions and also made extra effort to include everybody in the discussion. In my opinion, I was mostly taking the lead during the discussions since I had read the required material ahead of time and had an idea of what materials would have to go in to the presentation. This helped give the group a rough idea of the amount of content and its distribution into each part. It also enabled me to answer questions raised by other class members after we delivered our presentation.

I made a positive contribution towards the group project in whole. Having gone through the available Presentation Skills video on moodle, I was able to make suggestions on the slides put together by others, specifically on the usage of charts/diagrams where possible and limiting the text used on the presentation slides. In the end, we were all responsible for our own slides but the two group members present in that discussion did align their slides to the ideas I presented.

In my opinion, group exercises such as these would be a valuable experience for any professional; it was very helpful in my learning process. I was presented with opportunities to practice leadership skills and learnt to effectively deal with a variety of personalities with differing strengths and weaknesses. I took ownership of the project and took the lead as required versus passively accepting others’ ideas. This attitude and level of effort, if maintained throughout the program, can help me achieve the best results possible.